Top 10 freaky tattoo artists on instagram – your skin needs some ink!

Instagram is a great place not just for avid photographers, but also for tattoo artists and enthusiasts to get inspired. However, unlike photography, tattooing is not an easy task. It’s a visual body art, a lot different from high-resolution photos.

Before you get tattooed, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, decide an emblem, forever. Then, find a tattoo expert who can ink it precisely, forever.

Fortunately, for tattoo lovers, Instagram is a great place to stumble upon active tattoo pros who share their refreshing works of art on a daily basis.

Whether you are a die-hard tattoo fan who likes to muse over awe-inspiring works of body art or someone who is hankering for the long needle to get inked, it’s easy to find an impressive range of collection. Thanks to Instagram, the days of roving from one tattoo shop to another and flipping through hundreds of pages are far behind us.

To make life a lot easier, we have tracked down the top 10 tattoo artists who have been mustering up Instagram feeds across the globe. Don’t get us wrong, once you start following them, it won’t take too long before you make up your mind to get your skin inked by them.

Where: Black Anchor in Hesperia, CA
Style: Realism/Colored Portraiture

At first glance, anyone would mistake Hurtado’s work for a painting. That’s wrong! These are tattoos sketched, stenciled and inked to perfection. It comes from Hurtado’s sheer mastery over the use of color palette inspired by realistic shadings and unbelievable control of the tattoo machine. Rummaging through his well-stocked portfolio is like a visit to the museum.

With more than 734,000 Instagram followers, he is one of the most sought-after tattooists on the internet.

Where: Melbourne, Australia
Style: Traditional aesthetic

Orthodox, surrealist, and intricate are what describes Murray‘s work. The veteran is a go-to tattooist if you are pining for a 1920’s style femme fatales.

Where: Kings Avenue Tattoo, NYC
Style: Americana

Philip Szlosek lines everything from gypsy girls and anchors to skulls, falcons, snakes, and panthers. Tap into his portfolio, and you’ll be able to explore more.

Where: Austin, Texas
Style: Blackwork/Dot-work

Hooper’s has single-handedly taken the art of tattooing sacred geometry and mandala patterns to great heights. With an eye for detail, he comes up with beautiful tattoos that are often large and intricate.

@mrubendall & 6. @codonnell_nyc
Where: Kings Avenue Tattoo in Manhattan, NYC
Style: Japanese Contemporary

Mike Rubendall and Chris O’ Donnell have more than two decades of experience in tattooing. Their tattoos straddle a perfect balance between Japanese-inspired tradition and modernized American style. Over the years, the duo have churned out an impressive range of skulls, and that is what they are well known for.

Where: New Haven, CT
Style: Pin up / New School

With more than two decades of experience in tattooing and airbrushing, Joe Capobianco has inked some of the most impressive pinup style tattoos in the business. They aren’t the regular pin ups because he has won numerous awards in some of the most popular tattooing events in the U.S. From comical to little naughty, he can ink any sort of pin up you are looking for. The ladies on his tattoos are all about big curves, seductive hips, and large lips. Gorgeous!

Where: Long Beach
Style: Black & Grey

Quintanar’s portfolio is a massive window, which leads to a range of tattoos mostly inked in black and grey. Based in the United States, he specializes in West Coast lettering and predominantly uses tattoo products from BishopRotary, Stencilgreen, and Inkeeze to ink his portraits.

Where: Orange County, California
Style: Vintage

Rick Walters has been tattooing since 1955, and runs the oldest tattoo shop in the U.S. His tattoos are a brilliant mix of vivid colors and predominantly nature-inspired. Rick is such an iconic figure in the U.S. that most people go to him to have tattoos of himself.

Where: Memoir Tattoo, Los Angeles, California
Style: Nature-inspired

From flowers to peacocks to human skulls, Kim Saigh tattoos a range of imageries. Her works are a perfect mix and match of fantasies and realism.

Where: The Saint Mariner, Milan
Style: Face tattoos, fashion

None can beat Petro Sedda when it comes to face tattoos. His designs (mostly masked faces) are inspired by geometry and engravings.

These are the 10 most outlandish, inspiring, talented tattoo artists you should follow on Instagram. They work in Milan, NYC, Melbourne and wander about everywhere, and their tattoos are inked on the skin of followers worldwide.

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