Instagram or Pinterest – Which is best for you?

The rising popularity of Instagram has definitely surprised the business owners as more than 100 million users are already registered on it while most of the leading brands are using this platform to target their audiences and create brand awareness. But now a question arises as how beneficial Instagram is as compared to the Pinterest which is more or less similar to Instagram.

The very first misconception that most people have is that Pinterest and Instagram are not same.  For Instagram you need to get registered while Pinterest does not require any registration but you can just share anything that you love and want others to explore it. As Pinterest is also a popular platform, therefore most of the business owners share their news and blog posts through this platform.

If you are looking for better promotion opportunities, Instagram is the first preference of many business owners. It is because you can easily share the information about your products, introduce new products, share pictures and receive feedback from your fans. The feedbacks are really helpful in modifying the services and offering excellent facilities to the customers. Such a service is not available on Pinterest because people usually pin more rather than giving their comments on pictures and videos.

Instagram is the right platform to conduct business as you can directly get in touch with your fans. If you are new into online business, greater exposure can definitely prove useful in creating brand awareness and making people familiar with the services that you offer. Thus with Instagram you are able to personalize your promotion techniques and make the best of the available opportunities.  Sharing pictures of different events will catch the attention of the people and they will show higher interest in your business. You can also share the images of your workplace as it helps in creating a strong bond with your fan and establishing a connection with them.

One of the biggest features that are offered by Instagram is the ability to link your account to other social networking websites.  This is not at all possible in Pinterest and that is why Instagram is slowly becoming a fabulous platform for the business owners. This facility allows you to share your content on other accounts automatically thus receiving more exposure and higher benefits.

So it can be concluded that Instagram is packed with many benefits but still it is the choice of the business owner as which platform will be helpful in their business promotion.

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