Explore the incredible features of Instagram

Photo sharing is one of the most interesting activities that people are fond of.  There are many individuals who like to share different kinds of images with their friends and followers. This activity can now be accomplished through Instagram that allows everyone to share any kind of stuff they want and promote it globally. Everyone can like your photo and even comment on it. This social media platform is not only meant for the individuals but also for the business owners who wish to advertise their products and create brand awareness among the targeted audience.

There are lots of interesting features in Instagram that help the business owners in reaching their fans and establishing a strong connection. Here are some of the new features that can enhance the experience of your followers and provide excellent advantages to your business as well.

Get personally involved with your fans

Instagram is the right medium to get in touch with people.  The fans are more interested in real things so you should share pictures of your workplace, the images of the different events, pictures of your upcoming products and lots more. Nowadays the fans are looking forward to some real stuff that will bring them closer to your brand hence try to share images which make them happy and give a feeling as if they are the part of your brand.  This will help you to know them on a personal level and reach them in a better way.


This feature has been recently added to Instagram and allows you to add a location where the picture is clicked. Many fans are interested in knowing the location of the image; therefore this feature will surely bring an end to their curiosity. For example, if the images were clicked in any event or fair, you can add the same location to it so that the people are able to identify the same.  With the help of this feature, it has become easy to add a specific location to the picture, thus increasing its overall effectiveness.

Encourage the users of your products

Ask your users to share their personal experiences through pictures as this will motivate the others towards that particular product. Using hashtags will ensure that the image is added to the right category and people are able to view it, like and share their comments with other users.  Feedbacks are also accepted, thus making it a superb platform for the business owners who like to promote their brand.

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